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PMQ's: Theresa May bringing up the tax payer pays for benefits BS again

Theresa May is doing exactly what David Cameron did when he first became PM by turning taxpayers against benefit claimants but will it work this time around? Will the cruelty of bullying benefit claimants including disabled people carry on? 
Well most probably because Britain under a Tory government has no compassion.

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Of course, it will carry on this is Tory Britain where compassion is dead, where benefit claimants are seen as scroungers, disabled claimants are seen as lazy, where people who use food banks are accused of lying to get free food, where the desperate and vulnerable people in our society are bullied by job center staff into suicide, this is what Britain is today.

Theresa May must have been watching old PMQ's with David Cameron or watching his old speeches so she can repeat them word by word and so she can repeat the horrors of benefit claimants being bullied and hated by taxpayers but why is she panicking all of a sudden to repeat the "we want to make the benefits system fairer on taxpayers because they pay for it" BS? Well, I'll tell you why, because of the Ken Loach film "I, Daniel Blake". 

The film is waking people up to the cruelty of the welfare system and when I say cruelty I mean mental cruelty, the jobcentre staff are cruel to claimants mentally they act like bullies, people are being sanctioned for the most outrageous reasons, for example, a man had to take his wife to hospital as she goes into early Labour so he had to miss his DWP appointment he did ring up to tell them but they sanctioned him anyway so he came home with baby in his arms and no money also an ex-army officer couldn't get a job and become mentally ill after seeing atrocities in war zones after going to an assessment he was found fit for work and ended up with no money he took his own life because of the very same people he was fighting a war for (the taxpayers and government) had let him down and failed him, is this the country where you want to live where the poor and vulnerable are treated like criminals? Treated like criminals for that reason alone because they are poor and vulnerable? 

Yes taxpayers do pay for the benefits system but you also pay for the trillions of pounds that goes to illegal wars, the £42 million a year that goes to one person (The Queen), Politicians and lords £300 a day expenses and even worse you pay for the court cases that the DWP are sending vulnerable and poor people too because they have been unfairly sanctioned but where is the outrage over all that? why aren't taxpayers angry over all that? Well I'll tell you why people like David Cameron and Theresa May aren't winding you up about your tax money going to Royals, or the courts (which would work out cheaper for the DWP if they didn't keep sanctioning people) and they aren't winding you up about the trillions going to wars which cause immigration which then you have to pay for, again that is another thing people like Cameron and May wind taxpayers up about is immigration because it costs us millions well if we weren't spending trillions on bombing the hell out of their countries then we wouldn't need to spend millions on helping immigrants. 

It's time British people grew a conscience again and instead of blaming the poor and vulnerable blame the politicians and banks who got us in this mess in the first place.

Many claiming Benefits are Tax payers in low paid jobs or have been made redundant and were previously Tax payers who made their contribution.

The only party/person who can now help our economy grow is Labour and John McDonnell under a Corbyn leadership.


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