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NEW EVIDENCE in the Jill Dando case which could lead to it being reopened

Ex-Flying Squad boss calls for a new probe into Jill Dando's murder amid claims Met Police detectives ignored 'excellent leads' 
The Crimewatch presenter was shot outside her Fulham home in 1999, 
Barry George was convicted in 2001 but later released after a retrial, 
John O'Connor claims his intelligence about the case was not followed up and claims 
He claims a 'key and significant witness' was never interviewed.

Jill Dando

The Daily Mail reports that a former Scotland Yard Flying Squad boss says his former colleagues ignored 'excellent leads' into the unsolved murder of television presenter Jill Dando.
The former Crimewatch presenter was shot dead outside her flat in Fulham, West London, in 1999 and no culprit has yet been found.
One suspect, Barry George, was jailed for her killing in 2001 but was acquitted eight years later after a retrial and the Met have not been able to crack the case in almost a decade since his release.
It has long been suspected that the 38-year-old died at the hands of a professional assassin, but now John O'Connor has revealed that she may have been killed in a state-sponsored attack, but this theory was ignored by officers.

'I was given an excellent lead that was ignored,' he told the Daily Star.
'The Met did absolutely nothing with it. It was quite clear this was a professional hit by a trained assassin.
'State-sponsored executions are notorious and very difficult to solve because they use highly trained assassins. This guy was obviously one.
'The person identified was a significant and key witness. The Met though just shut their eyes to everything else once they had nicked poor Barry George.' 

He now wants home secretary Amber Rudd to look into the case.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman told MailOnline: 'The Metropolitan Police Service fully investigated the circumstances into the murder of Jill Dando.' 
'If any new information comes to our attention this will be investigated.'
Last year, it was revealed that more than 100 potential murder suspects who could have shot dead Jill Dando on her doorstep in a 'professional hit' were never traced by police.

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