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Is all this Brexit stuff in court just a massive act?

Are Theresa May and her elitist friends faking all this Brexit in court stuff to win over votes?
Is it all planned so Theresa May will win and look like a hero to the 17 million voters who voted Brexit?

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With talks of a general election around the corner unelected Theresa May needs to win votes from the public as Jeremy Corbyn is popular with the working class and poor people of the country. Theresa May won by default for the Tory leadership which made her Prime Minister automatically (well she did cover up the child abuse scandal and set up the investigation to fail what a great big thank you from the elite it is to be given the PM job by default and unelected).

Theresa May doesn't really know how many votes she'd get as she wouldn't have known the results for the Tory leadership because of becoming the leader through default before the vote happened. So she is really in the dark about how popular she really is or whether she as Tory leader would get more votes than Jeremy Corbyn's Labour so what could she do to win over votes?

Well, she knows that 17 million people voted for Brexit and what a good way to win over millions of them voters is for something like a court case to stop it happening or to put it back by months. Oh, wait it has just happened and the country and right wing press are angry but is that press angry on purpose to brainwash and make the Brexiters even angrier? 

Has all this been planned by the elitists? who has accepted that Brexit is going to happen and there is nothing they can do about it (the people won this time) so they have decided to push Brexit back on purpose? Has May and the Tories got their elitist friends to throw in this court case which she lost (on purpose) to go on and appeal and win it? Imagine the hero she would be to Brexiters if she won and stopped MP's from voting against article 50 and imagine how the media would be calling her a hero and brainwashing people into voting for her. Let's face it the Cabinet of Millionaires are known for corruption and cover ups. Hillsborough, Orgreave, child abuse investigation and loads more so nothing would surprise me about that lot and she is afraid of Corbyn and his massive following. 


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