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How "New Labour" almost ruined REAL Labour

The visible face of UK (covert) Fascism.  Closed 600 police stations, tied up police with paperwork and took them off the streets.  Tax at well over 50% with 700 stealth taxes at last count--global warming is the latest excuse to tax us. 24-hour drinking introduced while most NHS beds are tied to alcohol abuse, and 10% of the population are currently alcoholic.

 Attempt to have 40 Supercasinos which is just legalised robbery with estimated 300,000 more gambling addicts.  Foot and mouth  fiasco, billions throw away, many businesses broken, over 50 farmers died from suicide while the chief architect of the scandalous contiguous cull terrorism, Anderson, went on to head up one of the inquiries, with another headed up by a food baron, while another food baron, Sainsbury, was science minister!, so no surprise local shops are vanishing while new supermarkets are all over the place and GM  foods are promoted even though they don't work, are toxic, and threaten organic farming (no doubt one of their targets).   Murdered 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions, and 700,000 Iraqi civilians for a lie (supported by the Tories! bit of a giveaway that), while turning a 'blind eye' to 1 million Rwandan murders, if not complicit in the genocide.

    Lying has become the pillar of the State, with a lie monger as Prime minister--Blair.   Huge breakdown in family and communities, huge numbers of playing fields lost, trying to close over 2,000 post offices, and kill off small farmers and shops. While poverty levels at 27% for children.  When you know what it really is then it seems obvious.  At least two great whitewashes, eg Kelly, Diana.   Political correctness is just subtle State terrorism.  All following the script as revealed by John Coleman.

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