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Dictator Theresa May just passed a law in quiet to spy on ALL OF YOU

Snooper’s Charter just got passed so the Tory government can spy on your internet use.
Got something lurking in your internet history you’d rather wasn’t seen? 
Perhaps sent some messages that were for the recipient’s eyes only? 
Tough, because the Investigatory Powers Bill – nicknamed the Snooper’s Charter – has been passed by Parliament. 

Metro reported that the legislation allows a variety of electronic spying techniques, including access to phone records and collection of electronic data.

The Snooper’s Charter requires internet, phone and communication app companies to store records for 12 months and allow authorities or law enforcement officials to access them on demand.

Investigatory Powers Bill replaces the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

It includes several changes to existing legislation so authorities can access the public’s internet and social media (including apps like Snapchat and Whatsapp) usage history.

So basically, companies would be legally required to assist the Government to see who you’ve contacted and websites you’ve visited in the last 12 months.

The ‘data’ could be anything from internet search history, calls made or messages sent.

The law, presented  by now PM Theresa May when she was Home Secretary, was largely backed by the Tories, Right Wing Labour MPs and opposed by the Lib Dems.

People who aren’t quite ready to give up their online privacy can potentially get around the bill via this loophole.

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