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Women Boat For Gaza boat seized by Israeli Forces, Women On Board Plea For Help.

Gaza is under attack again by Israhell terrorists and the Women for Gaza flotilla has been seized and they have been kept hostage.

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The first one is Gaza is under heavy attack now. The second one is women boat for Gaza has lost contact 50 miles away from Gaza.

The third thing is Gaza still under tight blockade and Zionists trying to shout it voice down .

The international Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) is a grassroots people-to-people solidarity movement, composed of campaigns and initiatives from all over the world, working to end the illegal Israeli siege of Gaza.

FFC was formed after the 2010 Freedom Flotilla mission, to coordinate action between many different campaigns in their efforts against the siege of the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip.

We respect the human rights of everyone, regardless of race, gender, tribe, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, citizenship or language. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and support no particular political party or organisation.

Our actions against the blockade are governed by the principles of non-violent resistance. We call upon governments to take action against this illegal blockade and at the same time support the Palestinian people in their right to resist oppression and injustice.

We will continue our work until the blockade of Gaza is lifted, occupation comes to an end and all just rights of the Palestinian people are restored.

Initiatives involved in WBG project

[Canada] Canadian Boat to Gaza
[Italy] Freedom Flotilla Italia
[Norway] Ship to Gaza
[South Africa] Palestine Solidarity Alliance
[Spain] Rumbo a Gaza
[Sweden] Ship to Gaza
[Turkey] IHH
[United States] Women’s Boat to Gaza – US Section
International Committee to Break the Siege of Gaza
[Gaza] Miles of Smiles
[New Zealand/Aotearoa] Kia Ora Gaza
[Australia] Free Gaza Australia

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