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What does it mean to be zionist?

What does it mean to be zionist?

You know the people in charge of Hollywood and media are Zionists.And what does it mean to be a Zionist? It means that you support all the efforts that push for the establishment of "Zion" or "greater Israel" Now where and what is Zion? Zionists believe that their capital is Jerusalem,However the land of Zion is meant to stretch from the Nile river in Egypt to the Euphrates river in Iraq.

So the promised land is located in the middle east.So I am just asking you who will oppose this plan?

Obviously the inhabitants of that land,The Arabs.Think about that for a second.Now the Zionists control the media that coincidentally portrays the Arabs as bad guys.The promised land exists in the middle east,now connect the pieces to the puzzle.

People are purposely being indoctrinated to accept the events of today,and the ones coming tomorrow.To allow the Zionists to establish their awaited promised land of Zion.

Do you see how this conveniently ties into the new world order,and the "new middle east" the American government is preaching about? Do you now understand why Arabs and Muslims are portrayed the way they are in Hollywood and the media?

Zion will be established through war or consensus.what type of consensus?
The type where the leader of that land is completely controlled by the Zionists,The type where the leader is so dependent on their support that he/she can not say no to any order.

Now let's compare what has happened in the middle east since the establishment of Israel since 1948.

Egypt : Egypt signs a deal with Israel during 1979 in Washington,and its leader continues to watch his countrymen suffer,as they maintain to obey their Zionist orders.

Jordan : Jordan's king signs deal with Israel in 1994. He continues to watch the middle east suffer,as he maintains to obey his Zionist orders.

Saudi Arabia : In return for the protection of the throne,Saudi royal family remain the biggest ally to the U.S.

Palestine : Since 1948, Palestine has not known peace.

Lebanon : for 30 years, Lebanon has not known peace.

Iraq : In April 2003, the war on terror conveniently pushes the united states to invade Iraq.

Now Syria and Iran,the 2 countries that oppose the Zionist plan,remain listed on the infamous "Axis of evil"

And I don't expect any true Jew to take offence to any of what of what I have shared because the true Jew believes the following.

Time to wake up.
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