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Western politics has become a joke

I don't care what your personal opinion is about Trump, Hillary, Corbyn or Theresa may I don't want to watch two grown adults bitching at each other and moaning about who is more popular I want to see politicians fighting over policies that help us the people that pay their wages!

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It has become ridiculous now backbenchers bitching about Corbyn who was massively elected twice, MP's selling stories about their own leader and party, crying about it's not the leader they wanted, well tough he was elected by the public you are just one vote and your vote didn't go your way. 

Now the US elections are just as bad it's boring no one cares about your bitching about TV ratings, bitching about who's better than who, we want to hear their policies no politician is talking about policies no more and people are voting on who won the argument or voting because of media propaganda we have become a laughing stock of the world. 

I want policies and politics not a cheap crappy reality tv show between politicians. 

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