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This actually happened today sheeple held funeral outside BBC studios

‘Great British Bake Off’ Funeral Held Outside BBC Broadcasting House

Only yesterday the House of Commons voted against withdrawing support to Saudi Arabia murderous war in Yemen and I expected protests outside Parliment but no we get people pulling off a fake funeral for the Great British Bake Off outside BBC studios because it's moving to channel 4.

Huffington Post reports that Passers-by near the BBC’s Broadcasting House got a shock on Thursday (27 October) morning, as a funeral for ‘The Great British Bake Off’ was held outside the building.

Obviously, the BBC wasn’t responsible for the stunt, which cheekily (albeit in the darkest way possible) poked fun at the fact the show’s time with the channel has come to an end.

The flowers were then held up by faux pallbearers, while mourners clutching cake tins gathered behind the car.

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