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Did Tony Blair order Princess Diana's death?

Princess Diana was fighting for Palestinian freedom/rights and it's a well-known fact Blair is a massive supporter of Israel. 

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Princess Diana was murdered we all know that it's a well-known secret but who ordered her death? Was it the Royals? Was it Tony Blair PM at the time? or was it Mossad or Netanyahu? or Maybe all of them? 

Diana was becoming a lot more popular than the royal family when she died and the Queen plus others were angry that Diana kept talking out against them.

She was also fighting against Israeli war crimes in Palestine whilst at the same time planning on marrying a Muslim man which again angered the Royals they couldn't have a Muslim man as stepfather to Harry and future king William could they? 

Blair is good friends with Netanyahu PM of Israel as is Prince Charles so did they plan it all together? well, we don't know but one thing that is knowledge is that Diana was murdered, by who we prob will never find out. 

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