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BBC "Investigates fake rail tickets" but still no investigation of Tory Election Fraud.

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Forged rail tickets are being sold on a hidden part of the internet and being used at stations without detection, an undercover BBC investigation has found.
They can be bought for a fraction of the genuine fare on the "dark web", using the virtual currency Bitcoin.

BBC South East bought a first class fare from Hastings to Manchester, and a monthly ticket between Gatwick and London, using them without problems.
The fraudsters said they were offering "an affordable public service".
The group, who are not being named by the BBC, said in a statement: "The train companies keep stuffing their pockets with public subsidies while treating the operation of rail services as an inconvenience.

"No-one should be ashamed of getting one over companies like Southern Rail.

"We wish one day everyone will be able to use an affordable public service. Until then, we will be providing it."

The Tories are being investigated for 2015 election fraud (I'd say that is well more important) and yet it's not once been mentioned on the BBC.

In May Channel 4 news reported that Seven police forces have launched investigations into Conservative MPs for possible election fraud, acting on evidence revealed by Channel 4 News.


The probes are understood to be looking at election expenses of ten sitting MPs, so far.

The investigations centre on whether costs to transport and accommodate busloads of Tory activists to marginal seats should have been declared by candidates.

It follows a four-month investigation by Channel 4 News into campaign spending by the Conservative Party in last year's General Election and three key by-elections.

One force, Greater Manchester Police, confirmed it had already been granted extensions by the courts to extend the one-year time limit for prosecutions under election law.

Further, three forces said they would be doing the same in coming weeks.

Last night legal experts said it is the first time in British history that extensions had been sought to time limits for prosecutions under election law, and showed the scale of the operation.

One of Britain's leading election lawyers Gavin Millar QC, of Matrix Chambers, said: "We haven't seen a case like this before - where a group of police forces have used this power.

"I don't know of a case where it's been used even in a single case.

"But the idea of a group of police forces coming together to coordinate an investigation - and each one getting the extension of time to look into the election in their area is unheard of.

"And it means that they are taking seriously as police service the issues that were raised by the original Channel 4 News report, and the issues that people like me have been worried about for a long time about malpractice in marginal seats involving the major political parties in terms of how they spend and what they're prepared to admit having spent."

The forces that have confirmed they are investigating are Devon and Cornwall, Cheshire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester Police, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire, and Staffordshire.

The MPs we understand are being looked at are Amanda Milling, for Cannock Chase; Michael Ellis for Northampton North; Stuart Andrew for Pudsey, Horsforth & Aireborough; David Nuttall for Bury North; North Cornwall for Scott Mann; George Eustace for Cambourne and Redruth; Kevin Foster for Torbay; Oliver Colville for Plymouth Sutton and Devenport; and Graham Evans for Weaver Vale.

Gloucestershire Police has not said whether their investigation is looking at Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk or Stroud MP Neil Carmichael.

So far, the Channel 4 News investigation has found almost £200,000 of seemingly undeclared election expenses in 33 constituency elections carried out in 2014 and 2015.

But this was in May what has happened since? Why are MP's especially Labour MP's silent about this? Why is the media STILL silent about this? 

We have had months of Labour bashing which has taken the spotlight away from it but why is everyone so silent? something isn't right, maybe you should email your local MP's and ask them? 


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