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Why did every party member on Question Time support Blair?

It's almost as if Portland Communications (who Alastair Campbell works for) has paid them all but I can't say that for definite as I don't want to be called a conspiracy theorist but surely it makes you think doesn't it?

Everyone on Question Time backed Blair apart from John Mcdonnell what does that say about all the right wing parties against Labour? Including SNP they have gone so far right they are the Scottish Tories now, The Scottish Labour are so far up the Blairites arse they are also now right wing and losing seats after seats whilst blaming Corbyn. 

Although I expected the Owen Smith vs Jeremy Corbyn Question Time the other night to be more biased against Corbyn it wasn't because the public knew what was coming so the BBC went easy on Corbyn and waited for tonight instead for John McDonnell to go against the Ex- Labour spin doctor who took us to war in Iraq and went all bully boyish against McDonnell. Sadly it backfired.

McDonnell was chilled and acted like a politician should act with no personal insults. I think tonight's BBC Circus presented by Tory Bullingdon Boy David Dimbleby has made more people turn to Corbyn.

The problem with the BBC, Anti-Corbyn MP's and politicians is they treat the public like they are thick or stupid, but you the public reading this are not stupid or thick you have your own mind and they don't like that.

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