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The problem with Western Politics is you not the politicians

Vote rigging, Coverups, Lies, Smears, Racism, Bullying and Childishness is what politics across the West have turned into but we expect that from our "leaders" and that's why it's your fault.

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Why should we EXPECT our politics and politicians to act like children in a playground? what happened to honest, straight talking politics? it's like everyone has backed down and said to themselves "oh this is just the way politics is now".

YOU are letting your politicians get away with corruption using your money, Illegal wars using your money, expenses, over the top wages and not forgetting £42 million of your money going to the Royal Family whilst you starve, get sanctioned on benefits, food banks and homelessness on the rise.

They will never stop till you stand up and be counted.

Just look at how Jeremy Corbyn and his voters are being treated by the media and politicians it's ridiculous it's actually become a joke and Britain has become a laughing stock.

We finally get an honest politician in both Corbyn and McDonnell and the right wing nut job media haven't stopped with smears and lies since it was mentioned he would be standing for the Labour leadership in 2015. They have tried their best to bring Corbyn down but why are you letting them? 

Forget if you like Corbyn or absolutely hate Corbyn the point is they are messing with our democracy and laughing at all of you whilst you all fight between each other. There will ALWAYS be a leader that you won't like because that is the point of democracy and that is why you should go out and vote for who you do like and want as a leader. 

Just because some people don't like a leader or his/her policies that doesn't give the media and other politicians a right to smear that person and his/her voters and we need to stand up against this, not for the sake of the leader or party you like but for the sake of our democracy because one day the media and politicians may pick on the leader or party you like in the future and you'll wish you did something now.

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