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The Labour anti-Corbyn MP's and voters should leave if they can't unite

This media smearing, anti-Corbyn MP's and voters still bitching after Corbyn winning AGAIN is getting boring now the only people causing divisions in the party is the anti-Corbyn MP's and voters if you honestly do not like his policies and don't like the man himself then why are you still in the party? if you are so against Corbyn's policies then join the opposing party it totally makes sense to me, that is how politics and democracy works.

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Only today A Labour councillor has defected to the Conservatives in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn's re-election as leader.

Folkestone councillor Cllr Claire Jeffrey today confirmed she has joined the Folkestone and Hythe Conservative Association.

This is what happens in politics you either get behind the leader or leave. Can we now get on with fighting the Tories and stop the in party bitching? 

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