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Telegraphs Blair story is disrespectful to the Iraqi soldiers families

Why is the Telegraph begging Blair to come back anyway? He was Labour and the Telegraph is a Tory newspaper if that doesn't tell you that the Blairites  are Tories nothing will. 

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This is what the Torygraph wrote:

Tony Blair is going to stop making money. Or at least, stop making profane amounts of money. He'll keep trousering huge fees for his charitable and other non-profit operations, and do some commercial work to provide him with an income, but the days of mega-millions for speaking to nasty despots are over, apparently.
Cue speculation about what he's really up to. Many people cannot take Mr Blair at face value when he says he wants to focus his time on his humanitarian and charitable work.  They see secret agendas, ulterior motives. Some even suspect he's thinking about a return to politics.  

For several reasons, that strikes me as fabulously unlikely.  But would it really be such a terrible thing if it did happen? 
British politics is currently lop-sided, unbalanced. We have a Conservative government that, despite some centrist thinking on bits of social policy, is in several important areas being tipped Rightwards by its small Commons majority, the instincts of its leader and her desire to bury her predecessor, and the huge gravitational pull of Brexit.
 Nothing wrong with any of that, of course: lots of people are rather happy with Mrs May so far.  

 Yes, there is a lot of things wrong with that, the fact Tony Blair is a war criminal and hated by most of Britain (apart from Tories and Thatcher) and begging Blair to come to politics is disrespectful to the Iraqi Soldiers families who were led to an illegal war based on lies and died.

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