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Paul Joseph Watson the Infowars Zio-Shill

I never liked Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars in the least because he came across as aZio-shilll about two years ago. In fact, his elevation seemed to mark a new, dark phase for InfoWars, which at one time did play a role in my awakening.

The tip off for me on Watson was his over-focus on agitprop lies involving Muslim demonization and fake “jihadist” narratives. He constantly plays into it. His commentary was never thoughtful. He never says a word about the neoCohens burning down the Middle East. Watson puts forth the lie that the destabilisation of Muslim homelands is somehow “organic.” It is not. It is the outcome of decades of Zionist supremacist scheming.

For example, the neoCohens’ takedown of Libya’s Gaddafi, which I discussed early this week, was a horrific Zio plot and crime that opened the floodgates for a weaponized migrant war on Europe. Did Watson address this aspect? Alex Jones at least touches upon this with half truths. Not Watson though, not one iota.

Watson is a classic Judas Goat representing Zionist-Likudnik interests. I would urge anyone who I influence to avoid InfoWars until they clean up their act if that is even possible.

This ridiculous coy comment by Watson on Jewish media power revealed his true colours and has unleashed a storm on him. Like most controlled shills, he resorts to argumentum ad lap idem.

Here is the evidence concerning the specific question asked (about media influence and control) to this disinformation agent. Just the facts ma’am.


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