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If Owen Smith can't handle a few boo's how will he cope as a leader in the House Of Commons

Owen Smith has called Jeremy Corbyn voters who booed him abusive bullies, but the problem is if he can't handle a few boo's then how will he cope as a leader in the House Of Commons because that lot act like a bunch of demented apes.  

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Either Owen Smith doesn't mind the booing and he is just playing a victim or he really is offended by the booing and that means he would never cope in Westminster especially as a Labour leader and opposition to the Tories.

This being a "victim of bullying" in the Labour Party is becoming tedious and boring, If real bullying is happening then it does need to be investigated but someone booing you or having a different opinion is not bullying. 

People can see what is going on in the Labour Party anything to ridicule or oust Corbyn and his hundreds of thousands of voters and it's wrong.

I think it's time Owen Smith just stood down and  let Corbyn carry on with the great job he is already doing because let's face it Owen Smith will not win and if he does it's an obvious fix.

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