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If Allan Johnson wants to undermine Corbyn year after year why doesn't he join the Tories

If Allan Johnson wants to ruin the Corbyn leadership shouldn't he banned from voting like many Corbyn voters have been banned for such alleged language and bullying?

Moderate Labour MPs must wage a remorseless campaign to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership “year after year” or the party will die, Alan Johnson has said.

The former Cabinet minister called on his colleagues on the centre-Left to “recapture this party” from Mr Corbyn and his socialist allies by emulating their record of opposing previous Labour leaders.

Mr Corbyn is expected to be re-elected as party leader next week, with another landslide majority from members, but he lacks the support of most of his own MPs.

If Mr Johnson is so determined to ruin it for Corbyn as he said in an interview with the Torygraph why doesn't he join the opposing party the Tories? because it just doesn't make sense to want to ruin your own party because you don't like the leader.

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