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Freemason Tax avoiding U2's Bono one of the world's most evil men?

A disturbing article about satanic worship taking place near the home of U2 singer Bono:

” A terrifying cult whose young members mutilate themselves has been holding meetings on a hill above the homes of Ireland’s celebrities, it has been revealed. 

Killiney Hill , which overlooks the houses of millionaires Bono, Enya, Eddie Irvine and Neil Jordan, has also been the scene of sickening animal sacrifices.

Now the cult, whose followers idolise satanist singer Marilyn Manson, is trying to persuade local teenagers to join its ranks.

Several youngsters have already been approached and Irish cult experts claim they are being exposed to the threat of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Like American shock rocker Manson, the group dress all in black, with dyed hair, white face make-up, black eyeliner and black lipstick.

Their anti-social appearance and self-mutilation is a mirror-image of US teenagers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who walked into Columbine High School  in April last year and shot dead 12 students before killing themselves.

Now Shankhill student Joey Bonnie, 17, has revealed how he was approached by seven members of the gang who describe themselves as Satanists.

He said last night: “They all dress like Marilyn Manson and talk about him all the time.
“They know all the lyrics from his songs and one kept singing: ‘I went to God just to see and I was looking at me, saw Heaven and Hell were lies when I’m God everyone dies.’

“They came to a party that a friend of mine was holding at his house and just walked upstairs to a bedroom and closed the door.

“All of them were dressed head to toe in and they’d died their hair, it was really greasy.

“We wanted them out of the house – nobody knew who they were.

“So I went upstairs to see what they were doing. They were sitting down and talking quietly between themselves and they asked me to join them.

“As I sat down they started to cut themselves with knives. Then they sucked their own blood from the cuts.

“They all had scars and scabs on their arms so I knew this wasn’t a one-off.

“I thought they were doing it to frighten me but they were really concentrating on what they were doing and smiling as they sucked their blood.

“Then they started talking about what they believed in and they said Satan was their leader.

“One of them talked more than the rest – he seemed older than the others and told me how they crushed the skulls of goats and smoked the bones when he was up worshipping on Killiney Hill.

“They said they spend a lot of time up there chanting and cutting themselves and worshipping the devil.

“They told me they carried out sacrifices but wouldn’t tell me any more until I joined their group.

“I could hardly believe what I was hearing and I told them I wanted them to leave.

“But the older boy kept talking to me and told me if I wanted to be cool I should join them.

“He said lots of young people were getting interested in them and were learning that their way was the only way.

“He said he wanted me to come up to the hill with them to see what they did and how good it was.

“He said I would see he was right and I would join them. They plan to go up there at Hallowe’en.

“I have two younger brothers and a little sister and I’m frightened they could be picked on by people like this.

“I’m really worried they will get more people into their cult because they are very persuasive.
“They are all Satanists and they are preying on innocent people.”

Cult expert Michael Wardlow said last night: “Dressing up and experimentation is all part of teenage life, it’s part of growing up – but this is very dangerous.

“I’m worried that anyone who gets involved with this group will become physically and emotionally abused.

“More worryingly, they will also be susceptible to sexual abuse.”

Mr Wardlow is also concerned for the safety of children living in the area.

He said: “This is very serious and parents should be warned that their children are at risk. They are exploring a mixture of primal religions and Satanism.

“Their self-mutilation could prove extremely dangerous but I’m worried that there seems to be one charismatic leader within the group, the boy who does all the talking, the one who encourages the others and says it’s cool to go to the ‘dark side’.

“All cults, or groups which grow into cults, have a leader and they are always very persuasive.”

Other stars who have homes in the area include singers Elvis Costello, Lisa Stansfield Lisa Jane Stansfield and Van Morrison and actors Sean Penn and Daniel Day Lewis.

Last night a Garda spokesman said: “We are grateful to the Irish Mirror for warning us about this group and will be keeping an eye out for them.

Meanwhile, experts have revealed that Satanists and covens of black witches have been operating in Cork for several years.

They claim that the sinister groups are involved in black masses and many other disturbing acts.
Evidence of ritual sacrifices of animals on altars has been found in remote areas of the county.

And, according to  sources, young women in local discos have been knocked out using date rape drugs .

One source said: “They usually wake up the next morning knowing that something bad has happened but unaware of the extent of what they have suffered at the hands of these people.”

Experts have claimed that those involved in these black magic and Satanic groups are often well-off professional people seeking new kicks.

A former follower, who is now in hiding with his family because of death threats, said that young people who may be tempted to dabble  in the occult should be aware of the dangers they are facing.

He said: “The young are susceptible because of their natural curiosity and their involvement with rock music, drink and drugs.

“Very often they can be drawn in and initiated into a coven  before they fully appreciate what is happening and then it is too late.”

White witch Helen Barrett from Cobh warned that black covens are operating not only in Ireland but throughout the world.

She said: “They are very secretive and extremely dangerous. More often than not the membership is made up of professional and very rich people.

“The white witches of Ireland believe the government should appoint a district nurse, a body language expert and a priest to visit schools.

This graph made by MTV shows the world’s richest rock stars. Notice how a bolt of lightning emerges from pyramid of artists to another pyramid with an all-seeing eye at the bottom. Is the image hinting at who or what made these artists as rich as they are? http://vigilantcitizen.com/pics-of-the-month/symbolic-pics-of-the-month-0912/

“They should talk to the children about the dangers of Satanism and give them the opportunity to talk if they are being abused.

“Black witchcraft is into domination which is why it is proving attractive in the day and age of the Celtic Tiger when many want to explore the dark side.”

A Catholic Church spokesman said they would be warning priests and teachers to be on the lookout for signs of odd behaviour among their pupils who may be victims of these cults.”

How very strange indeed.


It's rather odd to make grandiose pronouncements about how climate change will hit the world's poor hardest while flying on a private jet between your many homes. 
More gob-smacking still was the recent revelation that, while demanding the rest of us pay more taxes to help address global poverty, Bono has shifted his music-publishing business from Ireland to the Netherlands, thus reducing U2's own tax bill to a few pence in the pound. 

Tax, after all, is for poor people. The rich have clever accountants, instead. Yet the Tax Justice Network reckons if the rich paid their taxes like the rest of us, instead of using tax havens, it would raise a staggering £255billion per annum. More than enough to tackle world poverty - in fact, enough to pay for the UN's current anti-poverty programme five times over.


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