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It's not rockets Palestinian kids throw at Israel its STONES does that give a right for Israel to bomb GAZA?

The media keep repeating that Palestinians are throwing rockets into Israel the only problem is these rockets aren't weapon type rockets they are just stones and bricks, children worldwide throw stones it does not give Israel the right to bomb the hell out of them or kill them.

Only last night (21/08/2016) Israel bombed Gaza again injuring hundreds because a child threw a rocket (brick) that injured no one.

Why is the media repeating this "rocket" story every time a child throws a stone into Israel? Well, most of the Western media is now owned by Israeli Zionists and they don't want you to know that Israel is bombing Palestine/Gaza because a child threw a stone they want to exaggerate it to make it sound worse so they use the word rocket. It's all about word play and twisting stories. 

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