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Electoral fraud leader arrested

BNP leader has just been arrested for electoral fraud yet not one Tory MP or Tory leader has been arrested after months of investigating Tory electoral fraud in the General Election in 2015.

BRITISH National Party leader Adam Walker has been arrested over allegations of electoral fraud, it emerged yesterday.

The Morning Star reported: 
It is understood that he has been questioned over the fascist party’s expenses in the local elections in Pendle in May.

Candidate John Rowe narrowly lost out on winning a second seat for the BNP in the Lancashire borough, receiving 437 votes to his Conservative opponent’s 473.
Hope Not Hate spokesman Matthew Collins said: “They’ve arrested the leader of a party that’s now expert at losing elections.

“We look forward with great humility to see exactly what authorities come up with in relation to this election.”

Mr Walker is a former teacher who was banned from the profession for life after he chased three schoolboys aged between 10 and 12 in his car, slashing their bike tyres with a Stanley knife.

So how long will it be till a Tory is arrested? It probably won't happen in corrupt Britain. 

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