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Corbyn is not ill BDTN fell for a hoax and we apologise

BDTN has fallen for a hoax (not bad for the first time in four years) but we apologise the alleged story of Corbyn being ill was a hoax which appeared in the Telford Star website HERE so this is a personal apology from BDTN Editor Ste Matthew Murray.

New Fathers 4 Justice protesters demonstrated on the roof of Jeremy Corbyn's home in Islington

This was the original story posted yesterday by mistake.

The event was set to take place in Hartshill Park, Oakengates, in Telford, on Wednesday.

Spokeswoman Jo Hill said: “I am sad to report that due to Jeremy Corbyn being ill we have been informed the event is now cancelled.

“This has been an amazing exercise – across Shropshire and T&W 38 people came together to offer skills and abilities to carry out specific tasks to make sure all the necessary and essential things were done.”

Is this time to worry for Corbyn?

Read more at http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/politics/2016/08/12/jeremy-corbyn-rally-cancelled-in-telford/#BmQv3Gr4qPhF5ily.99

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