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Why Corbyn voters ARE NOT thugs they speak out

It must be ok for the media and Blairite MP's to bully JC and his voters
It's time the REAL people who support and vote for JC have their voice they aren't thugs, they aren't bullies they are people who see hope in a man who supports normal, working class, poor people.


I am a single mother who has just escaped an abusive relationship. I am not a thug, I am a woman hoping for a better life for my baby. I am not a thug, I am a person who currently has nothing left but hope; hope for a roof over my head, hope that my daughter will grow up healthy with the right to free healthcare and a good education, hope that I can rebuild my life and that I will not be driven into abject poverty by a Government who do not see people like me as human. The only politician who offers that hope is Jeremy Corbyn. 

 Zina Preston:
I am a 68 year old grandmother who joined as a supported when Jeremy was elected. A few months later I joined as a full labour member. Jeremy seems to be the only fair honest politician, who cares about people first and foremost and has true socialist values. He has always been respectful to other people amidst all the abuse he has suffered. He is a man of principle. He has given me hope and inspired me to join the party. I am not a thug, being 68 years old I am incapable of thuggery. I have struggled as a lone parent with three children and a mortgage during the conservative years and managed to return to education during that time and get a degree in middle age. Jeremy is the best hope for this party and our country and for our children.

 Brian Arrigoni:  
for me Jeremy Corbyn stands for the Collective Principle. There are no shades of red, or indeed are there any shades of blue. 'Hard left' and 'Hard right' are media terms, to glamorise their spin. It is very simple, there two types of Government, 'Democratic' and 'Fascist', I like many others, know society is safe with the former.
Crystal Fern Steinberg:
I'm not a thug. I am an ordinary, working class mum just trying to stay afloat. I've never broken any window, harassed anyone or been on a violent protest. I work in my community as a volunteer helping parents bond with their babies and breastfeed. Until Jeremy, I felt that politics was done TO my family, not FOR my family. Finally I feel that someone cares about my family's future and stability.
Heather Nicholls:
 I've been disappointed in the past by supposed Socialist Leaders.
I heard Jeremy Corbyn on TV one day and immediately thought this man is truly inspirational. Every word that comes out of his mouth is meaningful, not just to me ,but to many who see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Light where there was only dark. Not just empty words either. His actions speak louder than words. He is a man of his word.  21 times recently in Parliament he has been successful for us, the people. 
What is so very wrong with that? Does this make me a thug because I support Jeremy Corbyn?  We are the party of the people. 
Kind, helpful, thoughtful people. They care if others have a roof over their head, food on the table. A job which pays a wage. Not zero hour contracts. Jeremy is a new way politician. A man we need to take our country forward. Thank  You Jeremy Corbyn...We are right behind you.
Ann Fletcher:
At my Labour Party branch meeting this week, someone mentioned the large numbers of new members who have 'joined in anger'. I believe this view (or rather fear) is reflected around the country. But he was wrong - I joined in hope last year after Jeremy's election and I believed most of us have joined in hope and still have hope despite the batterings we are receiving in the press and from many of our elected MPs. What is being exposed in all this is the level of corruption at the top of the party, and not so much in the branches and constituencies. I, actively but peacefully, support Corbyn because of his values, authenticity, and yes leadership qualities. Although there are other MPs I admire and would theoretically support as leader, they are not being offered to us and in fact would face exactly the same treatment as Jeremy.
Lisa Bell:
 For the first time ever when I heard Jeremy Corbyn speak I had an instant connection with him. I felt he spoke with such compassion, that he was not just like the rest, and he gave me real hope. He has inspired me to engage in political issues, and I felt I finally had a voice. I also joined the Labour Party because of him. Jeremy Corbyn since he was elected has had constant attacks by the media, the Tories and now his own party. He has stood firm throughout all of this, and acted calmly, without firing any personal abuse. The establishment don't want him because he is everything they hate. I will always fight to keep him as our leader, as I want a fairer more equal society where everyone cares for everyone else.
Gail Siequien:
As a trade union activist I have always felt that it was the only way to have my voice heard. Until, Jeremy Corbyn. I have always been a labour voter. Was against the Iraq invasion also against bombing Syria as were so many others. Where was our voice ??  It was Jeremy however he never had the support from his party.  From day one he has not had that support. I was ready to give up on labour. Let's face it they are nearly finished in Scotland. To accuse Corbyn supporters of being threatening or violent is so ironic. When it goes against everything that they stand for. There are other ways to protest. However the real issue is that people are now demanding to have their voices heard in politics.  At the end of the day. It's those people that government are meant to be serving. Is it not???

Lyn Padley:
Me: 67 yr old grandmother, I work with 16-24yr olds in supported accommodation and have seen how the benefits system fails them, also the mental health services or lack of in our rural area. I had never joined a political party before but felt inspired by Jeremy Corbyn. I voted for Tony Blair in his first election to PM but became disillusioned when I realised he was no different from the Tories, since when I have voted Green, UKIP or Independent (all futile as I live in a Tory stronghold).

Mother: 96 yrs old, worked all of her life and was a carer for my dad until he died. Lifelong Labour voter until Tony Blair. She doesn't believe he can belong to the Labour Party as he has used his position to amass a personal fortune. She approves of JC as being a genuine socialist.

Son: 37 yrs old, never shown any interest in politics but was galvanised by JC's leadership election and paid his £3 to vote. Has recently become a full member and is very disappointed at not being able to vote due to the freeze date. Has student fee debt and no chance of getting a home of his own due to low wages and high property prices in the South West.

We are just an ordinary family, no tendencies to violent behaviour, all hard working tax payers, own our own home but think it important to care for the needy in our society.

Helen Mandley:
To be supporting someone that stands for peace, equality and respect does not make me a thug.

The thugs are the ones who voted for air strikes in Syria. The thugs are the ones that voted for disability cuts. Jeremy Corbyn and I stand for equality, transparency, unions, disability rights and NOT the use of warfare to murder innocent civilians.

 Wendy Smith:
As I retired nurse,i am voting for Jeremy as he helps me to see a future that was lost with previous governments, he offers a fairer society for all,and not just the chosen few,our nhs,education and other public services are in crisis and I believe Jeremy to be the only one who will stick to his word and save these services,politicians tend to tell us what we want to hear then change the manifesto once they are in power and Jeremy isn't that sort of person,he has integrity,is honest and a dignified man,i can definitely say I am not a thug, I would jeopardise Jeremy in that way,adn this has to be dealt with in a democratic way.
Cath Peach:
 My hubby and I are happy clappy born again christians.....we are care workers with more than thirty years of service under our belts....we like peace and cats, we see in Jeremy a chance for a true democratic socialist to lead our party and offer a better future for the country....thugs we are not. 
One of usis happy to be able to vote in the forthcoming leadership election, one of us is feeling misled having joined the party only recently, that one was a previous Tory voter who saw the light during the EU referendum when Jeremy looked like the only honest bloke
Niki Barnett-Henry:
 People that support Jeremy Corbyn have like minded views of sharing the wealth of Britain. Caring for the less fortunate in our society. Making sure everyone has a say in our democratically elected government. Does this sound like a bunch of thugs? He is a mean of great heart and dignity.

 Nick Owen:

 I am a retired company director psychotherapist and teacher. I have not attacked anyone since I hit a certain Jeremy Paxman for being a bully in the school playground. I want to see a new kind of politics which J C represents. If he fails democracy is over.


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