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No jeremy Corbyn didn't lunge at a journalist

According to Telegraph lies they reported:
  Jeremy Corbyn 'held back' by aides after furious confrontation with a reporter
A very clever taken picture at an angle making Corbyn look like he "lunged" at Victoria MacDonald from channel four news
The latest row happened at a community event at a “say no to hate crime” rally organised by the local Labour party at Highbury Fields in his Islington constituency in north London.
Mr Corbyn had to be held back by aides after he lost his cool with a television reporter when asked if he was "running away" from answering questions about his beleaguered leadership.
A video published on the internet shows the reporter asking: “Mr Corbyn when are you going to stand down? How much longer can you stay?” Another asks: “Are you running away from the media?” as he walks away.
A visibly angry Mr Corbyn then appeared to lunge in the journalist’s direction in front of camera crews and photographers, saying: “If you want to arrange an interview speak to my press office. Thank you.”
An aide then restrains the Labour leader, saying to him: “Jeremy, please don’t, please don’t.”
But the journalist he "lounged at" according to the right wing media had a different view of things:

What a rare thing a true respectful journalist. Victoria MacDonald is from Channel 4 News.

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