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Chilcot: Expect Corbyn to be smeared in Sunday papers don't fall for it

As the Chilcot report is out this week the Blairite PR team will be at full steam to smear Corbyn in the Sunday papers 

Calls from MPs across all parties are calling for Blair to be impeached when the Chilcot report is released which in fact could lead to Blair going to prison. So the Blair PR team (Especially Alistair Campbell and Murdoch) will push anti-Corbyn propaganda tomorrow in the Sunday papers as passion grows for Corbyn so don't fall for it it's just what they want.

60,000 new members have joined Labour this week alone as more and more people turn to Corbyn for hope and change but Blair and co are trying their best to ruin his Labour leadership and possible Prime Minister chances.
A dramatic attempt to impeach Tony Blair for misleading Parliament over the Iraq war could be launched in the wake of the long-awaited Chilcot report into the conflict.
MPs have begun to build support for an attempted prosecution of the former Labour Prime Minister after the 2.6million-word report is published on Wednesday.
A cross-party group is considering using an ancient Parliamentary mechanism to bring him to trial in Westminster. 
They say Mr Blair should be forced to answer claims he duped the Commons over the war, which cost the lives of 179 British troops.

The MPs believe they can argue that the ex-Labour leader should be impeached over allegations he breached his constitutional duties as Premier.

The power has not been used since 1806 when Lord Melville, a Tory minister, was charged with misappropriating official funds by the Commons. He was acquitted.

Mr Blair, who made claims about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction that were contradicted by his own intelligence assessments, is expected to be heavily criticised in the Chilcot Inquiry report.

One Westminster source said: ‘Impeachment is on our minds but we will need to digest the report. There is definitely a feeling that Blair must be properly held to account for his actions in the run-up to what was a disastrous war.’

One MP can trigger the process by proposing a motion. He or she would need to present evidence to support their case and this would form the basis of a document called the Article of Impeachment, drawn up by a committee of MPs.

If the impeachment attempt is approved by MPs, the defendant is delivered to Black Rod ahead of a trial. A simple majority is required to convict, at which point a sentence can be passed, which could, in theory, involve Mr Blair being sent to prison.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3670751/MPs-say-ll-use-ancient-law-impeach-Tony-Blair-misleading-Parliament-Iraq-war-wake-Chilcot-report.html#ixzz4DG3R8SP4
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