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Angela Eagle is cracking under pressure on her first day of Labour challenge

Her speech was unpassionate, Her constituents don't want her to stand for leader and she snaps at a journalist who questioned her voting record basically she isn't a strong enough leader for Labour.

Ms Eagle is set to formally announce her leadership challenge on Monday in an attempt to remove Mr Corbyn.

However, she clashed with journalist Rachel Shabi, a supporter of Mr Corbyn and frequent writer for The Guardian.

Ms Shabi asked: "I am wondering why this time round… given the sort of political record you have got, supporting the Iraq War, opposing the inquiry into the Iraq War, supporting university tuition fees, abstaining from the welfare bill…"

Ms Eagle then cut Ms Shabi off and snapped: "You sound like you are reading one of the rather nasty little memes going around on Twitter."

Ms Eagle is set to be joined by former shadow cabinet colleague Hilary Benn when she launches her campaign.

She did that launch today with a very unpassionate and boring speech I promise you'll get bored after 2 minutes.

Her "official challenge" started today even though her own Wirral constituents begged her not too  as they want Corbyn but she carried on with the challenge and now her constituents are thinking about deselecting her.


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