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Why do INFOWARS all of a sudden care about LGBT people?

Mr "Gay Agenda" Alex Jones who once said the governments are turning us all gay through Kettle Chips and juice aimed at 9-year-olds, so since the Orlando shooting why all fo a sudden does he care about LGBT people? 

Alex Jones started off by waking people up and telling his listeners that Muslims didn't do 9/11 which is true and he told his listeners how the American government tortured Muslims and used them as patsies (MK-Ultra brainwashed killers). So why all of a sudden has Alex Jones decided to go total right wing nutter on us over the past couple of years? 

Alex Jones speaks out on Gay people, Gay Frogs and Female Polar Bear with Penis infowars (yes you read that right) 

Maybe Alex Jones was all along some kind of shill I know he certainly woke me up and I used to listen to him all the time and daily visited his website
The last time I listened to Alex Jones was when he was screaming and shouting whilst going red in the face about Justin Beiber it was actually hilarious but not in the funny way it made me cringe. I didn't listen to him again after that it was like a wake-up call that I was listening to some mad nutter who totally hypocrite himself all the time.  

Every now and then on the internet, I saw a few posts popping up on Facebook and the likes and over the past two years or so I saw that he had gone even nuttier by saying things like Kettle Chips (Crisps) were turning people gay and that governments are turning our children gay to break up the home and families. 

Two days ago on 12th June 2016, a man who the media claims a Muslim man who was part of ISIS shot and killed 49 people in an Orlando gay club. Alex Jones jumped on the media bandwagon by blaming ISIS before any evidence was released at all and it still isn't clear that ISIS had any part of the Orlando club attack. 

So why all of a sudden has Infowars turned against Muslims? and why all of a sudden are they supporting LGBT people when it was Jones himself who invented the so-called "gay agenda"? It seems the only people with some kind of an agenda is Mr.Jones and Infowars themselves what that agenda is who knows? Maybe he wants to become mainstream which could make him billions like all the other owners of the media in America or maybe he has been bought out? who knows but one thing is Infowars has totally changed from when it first started to some sort of Britain First type "news source" it'll be the death of Infowars.

Listen to the Richie Allen Show from Last night (13/06/16) he explains it in more detail it's a MUST! 

You know what they say DIVIDE AND CONQUER and either Alex Jones has fallen for the divide and conquer tactics OR he is playing a big part of the divide and conquer because he has an agenda.

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