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What happened the night Amy Winehouse died?

“I think something happened that night. It sounded like some weird sexual game. There was screaming and howling.”

“It just sounded really weird and my son said he heard some kind of drum beating like some kind of ritual.”

Red body bag, blood sacrifice ritual.

-Found dead 4:05 P.M (9)
-Died 27. (9) 27 Club.
-Screaming, howling, drums beating early morning by her neighbour which he said was completely unlike her, he is certain she died Friday. I do too.
-Carried out in complete red.
-Died 27 years old and 311 days (33)
-Blood sacrifice art sculpture with blood and a Minnie mouse mask 3 years before her death.
-Died 3 days after her last concert.
-Told her manager she was going to die exactly 27 years old.
-7/23/11 (Contains all numerology in date)
-Unknown cause of death, Autopsy fails, inconclusive. (lethal injection) 100% not caused by overdose or drugs for autopsy failed.
-So she was killed on Friday in a ritual than her dead body found in her apartment on the exact numerology planned date. If she died Friday, which I 100% believe she did just as her neighbour confirmed noises. she would have died 7/22/11 22+11=33 the same day as the Oslo bombing, still masonic either way 311 days 3×11=33. They couldn’t have the death on the exact same day too much distraction. So Amy’s death was planned the next day.
-Was a 100% Monarch Programmed slave born into ritual.
-Murdered as ritual killing, blood sacrifice to someone, solstice sacrifice to the Forever 27 Club.

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