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The paedos who the BBC would rather you didn't know about

BBC has covered up horrendous crimes in the past including Murder, Paedophilia and Rape and they are still covering up the fact that some old very famous faces of the BBC were paedophiles. 

We all know the famous BBC paedos like Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Tony Hall and Max Clifford but there is more they would rather us not know and these are those people.


An anguished man has told how legendary Top of the Pops DJ Alan Freeman joined with evil pal Jimmy Savile to launch a brutal sex attack on him when he was a schoolboy.
The traumatised victim claims he was just 11 when German film actor Victor Beaumont lured him to his plush London flat where the BBC stars raped him.
Savile and Alan Freeman
“Fluff” Freeman – famous in the 1960s for his catchphrases “Greetings, Pop  Pickers” and “Not ’Arf” – is the latest on a growing list of stars named in the  massive sex crimes investigation.


Nick Ross Grief

Nick Ross was friend and colleague of murdered Jill Dando they both presented BBC's Crimewatch together, he also founded the crime phoneline Crimestoppers both Crimestoppers and Crimewatch phone lines were down the night they were asking for witnesses to come forward about Jill Dando's death. Jill Dando was investigating child abuse at the BBC at the time of her death.
Nick Ross once said on Live TV "That given half the chance he would watch child porn" His wife's (Sarah Caplan) cousin is Esther Rantzen they both founded ChildLine.


Now we aren't saying Esther is a paedophile that would be dangerous and stupid as there is no evidence of that BUT she seem's to have been friends with a lot of paedophiles in the past including Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. 

One very strange incident happened in her home when a man sexually assaulted a girl of five in her swimming pool and child abuse victims have said they were at parties and she was there also.


a man who formerly worked as a TV extra at the BBC has claimed that the late comedy actor Leonard Rossiter – who of course played iconic character Reginald Perrin – sexually assaulted him.
The man also claims that three other BBC staff attempted to rape him while Rossiter performed a sex act on him.
Describing the BBC as a “cesspit of depravity” the man, who was 18 years old at the time of the alleged assaults, added that the attack happened in 1968 as he worked on the set of a controversial BBC play which was entitled The Year of the Sex Olympics…


wilfrid brambell

Wilfrid Brambell, the actor, became the latest BBC celebrity accused of child sex abuse after it emerged that two people had come forward in Jersey claiming to be his victims.

Brambell, who played the “dirty old man” Albert Steptoe in the comedy Steptoe and Son, allegedly abused two boys in a theatre in Jersey at the height of his fame in the 1970s.
One of the alleged victims was a resident at the notorious Haut de la Garenne children’s home which was at the centre of a high-profile police investigation into historical child abuse on the island in 2008.
He claimed to have been taken to the island’s main theatre, the Opera House, as a “treat” before being taken backstage to meet Brambell, who he accuses of molesting him in a back room.
And probably a lot more that are either dead or hiding away!

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