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Orlando shooting was an attack on LGBT people not a Muslim attack

50 dead because of a lone gunman who had an anti-LGBT agenda not because he had a Muslim agenda and it's time people seen this

BDTN Editor Ste Matthew Murray say's:
"As a gay man, I am NOT going to blame Muslims for the attack inside the pulse gay club in Orlando because when you are truly awake and know what is really going on you know never to blame a full religion or colour of the person I will blame the 24 hour none stop (governments mouthpiece) media dividing the public let's not forget governments use patsies and MK Ultra victims to shoot and kill people so the shallow brainwashed people will blame a whole religion for what happened. So no I am NOT GOING TO BLAME ALL MUSLIMS for this because that is what the elite want DIVIDE AND CONQUER"

 In his own word's Omar Mateen's father said "He saw two guys kissing a few weeks ago and it angered him" 

His Ex-Wife also said "Omar was unstable he used to batter me he had anger issues" 

So we are basically looking at a man with mental health issues and anger issues who has a hatred for LGBT people, not a man who decided to kill people because of his Muslim beliefs like the media would like you to believe. 

The Guardians Owen Jones was on SKY News earlier trying to get this point across but Murdoch's employees were not having it they would rather have Muslims get the blame so Mr Jones walked out of the studio.

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