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Mum writes powerful letter to doctor: 'You were wrong about Down syndrome'

When Courtney and Matt Baker found out that their unborn daughter had Down syndrome, they were blindsided. The reaction from their doctor left them even more devastated. Now Courtney Baker is responding to that doctor who recommended an abortion with a heartfelt letter about the reality of being a Down syndrome parent.
a letter a mom wrote to her OB about her daughter with Down Syndrome
Today reports:

When they went for a 12-week ultrasound, the doctor told the Bakers that there had been a mistake: though his office had told them that their Down syndrome screening the week before had been negative, the baby girl Courtney was carrying did indeed have Down syndrome. "We were destroyed and completely blindsided," Courtney Baker told TODAY Parents.
The Bakers, of Sanford, Florida, said the doctor advised them to see a specialist to discuss their options, but Courtney said there was never a choice. "I told him our only option was to bring our baby girl into this world," she said. But when she tried to find a different OB-GYN, no one would take her, citing her high-risk status, and when she did go to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, Baker says, "he suggested we abort due to how low our quality of life would be, and [hers] as well."
Undaunted, the Bakers decided to go forward with the pregnancy.

Emersyn ("Emmy"), is now 15 months old, and her mother recently did something she planned to do since before Emmy was born: write a letter to the perinatologist she saw who recommended she have an abortion because of Emmy's Down syndrome diagnosis.
"I knew the doctor needed to know how wrong he was," Courtney says. "Once she was born, she just proved it. I think it took so long because we were in such baby bliss. This has been the happiest year of our lives, truly. I feel so at peace and so blessed."
Baker posted the letter on her Facebook page, where it attracted the attention of websites The Mighty and Kids With Down Syndrome. The sites reprinted the letter, which has since gone viral.

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