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Do you read Jews News? well read this

A "news" website called Jews News who just make up islamophobic stories to suit their agenda are starting to piss me off as people still share their propaganda.

Jews News showing exactly what Zionists want and why Britain and the US are always fighting their wars after their false flags 

One of the stories they blatantly lied about was about a British boy who was bitten by a dog but Jews News decided to make a story up about it this was that story: 

This was a headline for Jew News website who seem to love pushing out lies and propaganda against Muslims.

"Swedish child beaten by Muslim immigrant for having blue eyes"

In fact, this boy was NOT beaten by a Muslim for having blue eyes in Sweden he was actually bitten by a dog in Britain. 

Another story they were caught out lying about was this:

A certain Theodore Shoebat, writing for “Jews News,” an Israeli website with over one million Facebook followers, has posted a false story that claims Muslim villagers in Dalga, Egypt tortured, lynched and mutilated a Christian man. The false story has gone viral with over 6.2k shares.
Shoebat writes,
“Muslims in Egypt, in the village of Dalga, murdered a Christian man right in front of his son by riddling his body with bullets, then they dragged his body to the mosque. When they arrived at the mosque, they tied his body to a tractor and then mutilated the corpse as they screamed “Allahu Akbar!”
The article is accompanied by a picture of the lynched man, shown above.
In fact, Shoebat’s story is completely fictional but that is not the only reason that it is horribly mendacious and reckless!
The lynching shown in the picture actually took place…in Lebanon! It took place not in 2014 but in 2010! The lynched man was not a Christian but an Egyptian Muslim!

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