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Cliff case is dropped because they don't want the Jill Dando stuff getting out

Cliff Richard's case has been dropped but it doesn't mean he is innocent the CPS said there wasn't "enough evidence" which does mean there was some evidence.

But of course, Cliff's case has been dropped because when you join all the dots from the VIP paedophile cover up it all leads to Jill Dando's murder. Cliff was best friends with Jill Dando and he was basically her downfall she met her fiance through Cliff and was murdered not long after she was being set up after reporting BBC child abuse to police and BBC bosses.

Cliff Richard was named on the Elm Guest House list he also used the name KITTY because he was a cross-dresser, Cliff has been named plenty of times by witnesses but of course, nothing would have ever got done about it too many secrets would have come out and too many names would have been named.

If you watch our film that was released in April Justice For Jill it joins all the dots for you.

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