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Chilcot:Another British day another British coverup

The Chilcot Inquiry is set to CLEAR Alastair Campbell over claims he 'sexed up' the dodgy dossier making the case for Iraq War

New Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell is set to be cleared of wrong-doing over the Iraq War despite more than a decade of claims he 'sexed up' a No 10 dossier make the case for war.

Mr Campbell has reportedly not been sent a letter by the inquiry setting out criticisms and offering a right of reply - unlike his former boss Tony Blair.
Inquiry sources told the Sunday Times Mr Campbell was 'in the clear' and indicated intelligence chiefs would be blamed for producing the material No 10 presented to the public.

The long-awaited Chilcot Inquiry report will finally be published on July 6, almost seven years after it was first ordered by then-prime minister Gordon Brown.
The 2.6million word report is thought to run to some 6,000 pages.
One source told the paper: 'Campbell has not had a letter. He is in the clear.
'He was in some ways a bit player in this. Those who were directly responsible were the heads of the agencies who allowed him to 'sex up' the 'dodgy dossier' and of course the prime minister for whom he was working.

'Press officers are not supposed to be key policymakers, even though they sometimes are.'
Another source added: 'The panel sees Campbell as a sideshow.'
Mr Blair is expected to be heavily criticised in the inquiry report and last week insisted he planned to robustly make his case when the huge review is published.

The Sunday Times said he was consulting with key allies from his No 10 team, including Mr Campbell, as well as Jonathan Powell, his former chief of staff, former ministers Lord Mandelson and Lord Falconer and aides Anji Hunter and Baroness Morgan.
An ally of the former prime minister said concern was focussed on how far Sir John Chilcot would go in accusing Mr Blair of lying to Parliament - a major claim of his opponents.
They told the paper: 'The lying issue is the greatest concern.'

Pressed in a TV interview last week on whether he would accept the findings of the Chilcot report, Mr Blair said: 'It is hard to say that when I haven't seen it.'
The former PM defended his decisions on Iraq, saying: 'I think when you go back and you look at what was said, I don't think anyone can seriously dispute that I was making it very clear what my position was.'
Sources close to Mr Blair today said: 'He will come out all guns blazing.
'But Iraq has affected him a lot. It has made him into a defensive, awkward, self-conscious individual who feels destabilised by it.'

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