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BREAKING NEWS: Angela Eagle will be the ONLY person to fight Corbyn

The only problem with that her constituents in the Wirral doesn't want her to lead they want Corbyn and have asked her to stand down 

The Blairites are seriously making fools of themselves, nine months ago they planned this coup and had to rush it through this weekend as they didn't expect Brexit to happen and now they voted for a no confidence in Corbyn and it's backfired big time as the only one person trying to stand against him and that is Angela Eagle who's own constituents want HER to stand down not Corbyn.

The media are saying Corbyn was close to quitting but the man himself said they are lying Tom Watson tried to get Corbyn to stand down again today and Corbyn said: "He isn't going anywhere".

So with the unwanted Mrs Eagle running against Corbyn it looks like Corbyn is here to stay as he has a massive following from Labour members, Voters, Unions and Momentum.

BDTN backs you Corbyn STAY STRONG

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