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An Open letter to Jeremy corbyn from a member of the public

Dear Jeremy,
My heart is heavy with sorrow for what you have had to endure over the last few days. I can’t imagine the strain it is putting on you. The Blairites say your campaigning during the referendum was luke-warm, because you had the audacity to share your doubts and criticisms of the EU with your usual honesty and integrity. But that’s because they wouldn’t know honesty and integrity if it slapped them in the face. Spin is their thing, not sincerity. The Blairites don’t respect or trust the electorate enough to tell them the truth. You do.
Had you tried to convince me the EU was a flawless institution in no need of reform, I wouldn’t have trusted you, and still angry over the treatment of Greece, Brexit would have been my choice. But I did trust you, and that’s why I voted to remain. Thanks to you, I was saved from the clutches of a decision I believe I would now be living with regret.
What I find particularly ironic is the fact the Blairites fan the flames of anti-immigration sentiment with the hideous dog whistle mugs and UKIP style rhetoric but offer only weak solutions. Whereas you have suggested reintroducing the migrant impact fund to support areas most affected by a sudden influx of migrants; greater investment in housing and public services; and an overall raising of pay and conditions across Europe; thereby negating the need for people to become economic migrants out of desperation. No dog whistles, just straightforward solutions that would make sense to the vast majority of ordinary people.
The Blairites have been keen to sound ‘in touch’ over immigration since Gordon Brown’s infamous big got gate gaffe, but that didn’t extend to easing those concerns. No wonder people went for a straightforward Brexit solution which promised to fix the ‘problem’ once and for all. Had the Blairites addressed concerns over immigration over the past six years or so in the way you have done during this campaign, I am absolutely convinced Britain would have voted to remain. The Blairites are to blame for Brexit, not you.
Regardless, you and I both know full well the outcome of the referendum is just a faux excuse to hang their coup on. They have been plotting to oust you since before you won the leadership. Think back to the voter purge. The same goes for their claims they fear you are unelectable. We both know the opposite is true. Their worst nightmare is Labour winning an election with a real socialist leader. They have staked their reputation and careers on that being impossible. That’s why they hoped and prayed Labour would lose at least 300 seats in the council elections. Instead, we only lost 18. I’m not trying to diminish that 18 seat loss, but considering the incessant briefing and sniping from the usual suspects in the PLP, designed to alienate voters by creating the impression of a party split and divided, I was relieved and surprised it wasn’t a much greater loss.
I believe the loss wasn’t as great because the hope you have given us, the membership, is starting to filter out into the country, despite the best efforts of the cynics, neoliberals and naysayers in the PLP.
I’m not going to beg you to resist the pressure those same usual suspects are now piling on you to resign. I know our support weighs far greater on your scales than a few privileged Blairites who wouldn’t understand ordinary people’s concerns unless those ordinary people are Guardian journalists, earn over 60,000 per annum, or are fellow Blairite MPs.
I trust you to fight for us, and I want you to know you can always count on us to fight for you and our common goal of a fairer more equal Britain.
Despite the fact, I am going on holiday with my family on Tuesday morning, and money is tight, I will be travelling to London on Monday evening to stand outside parliament while MPs take a vote of no confidence in you. I will be there with many other like-minded souls who feel as grateful to you for your honest and principled leadership, as I do. We will be there because you have given us hope.
Whenever you feel weary with it all, think of that.
All my love, respect and eternal support.
Shelley Ryan

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