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45 out of 50 constituency Labour party chairs contacted by ‪#‎newsnight‬ say they still back Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn was elected on the biggest mandate in the Labour Party’s 116-year history, chosen with more 60% of the votes of the party membership.
That enthusiasm, however, was not shared by Labour’s MPs. Corbyn barely managed to get the 35 votes required to be nominated from the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP). 
Yesterday, they voted by a margin of 172 to 40 in a vote of no-confidence against his leadership. Some MPs speculated that after the EU referendum, enthusiasm amongst the party grassroots had similarly soured.
There’s some evidence that this hope is wishful thinking. Newsnight has spoken to more than 50 Constituency Labour Party chairs and secretaries who endorsed Corbyn last year. Of those, 45 continue to offer their support and believe that their constituencies will again nominate the leader in the now inevitable leadership contest.
Many we spoke to were nothing short of incensed at the antics of the party’s MPs. 
Patrick Smith, chair of Hull North said: “If they don’t listen to the membership then they should just leave.”
The chairman of Hartlepool CLP echoed that, saying: "The MPs seem more interested in the interests of the PLP rather than the membership.” 
Another went further still: “It’s an absolute outrage. You’d think these characters were sleeper agents for the Tories. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were working for Lynton Crosby.”

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