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What does Cliff Richard have over the BBC and Music Industry?

It’s a little-known fact that holier-than-thou Cliff Richard is not as saintly as he’d like us to believe.


He was embroiled in a spiteful affair with Carol Decker of T’Pau fame, which led to allegations that Cliff tried to sabotage her career.

According to Contact Music:

” T’PAU’s flame-haired frontwoman Carol Decker is convinced SIR Cliff Richard  attempted to sabotage her career – simply because he took a light-hearted joke  seriously.

The feisty CHINA IN YOUR HAND singer angered the pop veteran while  presenting an honour at the prestigious Ivor Novello music awards during her  band’s 1980s heydey when she jokingly ridiculed a comment he made before she  went onstage.

Richard had told the singer it was better to give out prizes than receive  them – a philosophy Decker mocked at the podium, sparking widespread  laughter.


She remembers, “I was planning what to say when presenting an award when  Cliff started talking to me. I’d been joking about how I’d been nominated for  five BRIT Awards and never got one, and it was a similar story with the  Novellos and I felt  it was about time I was given one.

“Cliff said, ‘It’s much better to give than to receive, Carol,’ which made  me yawn. I went out and said, ‘It’s a pleasure to present this award and, as  Cliff was saying to me earlier, it’s much better to give than to  receive…which we all know  is b**locks!’

“It went down a storm but Cliff was livid. He didn’t get it was a joke –  he’s got no sense of humour.”

Decker, 47, suspects the housewife’s heart-throb became vindictive after  the slight and convinced the BBC to deny her any publicity after she performed  at Princess Diana memorial concert in 1998.

She adds, “The BBC was interviewing everybody except me. I think Cliff  made sure nobody spoke to me and I got no coverage even though I was one of  the major performers.”

Could it be that Cliff is actually a nasty bit of work who is capable of the most sordid of shenanigans?

” After a concert, Carol Decker out of T’Pau once famously returned to her dressing room to find her clothes spattered with semen. Although the culprit has never been found, I find it interesting that Cliff Richard has never explicitly denied being responsible.

As a Christian, if he swore on the bible that he had never ejaculated onto Ms Decker’s clothing I would have no option but to accept that he was telling the truth.

So why doesn’t he clear the air? Something to hide, perhaps?”

How very, very strange indeed.

Cliff Richard is also being blackmailed by Mossad and Israel and has been for years Mossad once said to him "if you don't play in Israel some disturbing news about you will make the news worldwide" Could that be the paedophile news? 

So does he have power over people and corporations or does the fact he is being blackmailed mean he can ask for favours from the people high up in the Zionist world? 

Let's not forget Cliff Richard set up Jill Dando  after she investigated child abuse at the BBC, Westminster and Elm Guest House (Where he was a regular) and higher. 

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