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The Scotland Labour loss wasn't because of Corbyn it's because of "New Labour"

Blair and Mandelson's "NEW LABOUR" was a failure so don't blame Corbyn blame Right-Wing Labour and Blair.

When the sun backs Labour 
you know
Labour is in trouble
Corbyn only took over Labour under a year ago and he won the Labour leadership democratically with the highest share any Labour leader ever had with over 60% of the votes and that was after months of propaganda and smears about Corbyn which failed but the smears and propaganda are still being pushed to the people who watch mainstream news and take every they say as fact.

Labour was down to third in the local elections by losing seats in Scotland last week with SNP being First and  shockingly the Conservatives second but this isn't a failure to Corbyn don't forget Ed Milliband lost in Scotland to SNP too and that wasn't due to Milliband either it was all due to Blair, right-wing Labour and the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The fact the Blairite Labour is trying to ruin Corbyn could make Labour also lose votes and if that is what they want then they are not true Labour MP's.

New Labour was Labour taken over by people with Conservative views  and not views of the people I won't say Blair was fully bad he did good things too but on percentage Blair was bad for Labour but it was also people behind the scenes who were out to ruin old Labour and turn the UK into a one-party state and they failed because the people voted Corbyn so they ain't happy. 

Corbyn is our only hope for a true democracy and real politics

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