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MK-Ultra, Silence Symbol and Paedophilia

MK- Kitten

Massachusetts resident, researcher, specialised in corporate research, tracked mergers, maintained client data. Basically, my job was to extract data and spy on businesses that corporations paid to have spied on and reported back to the corporation who hired me.  I was incredibly efficient.   The accounts that arose my suspicions were Oracle, Acxiom, EnerNOC and others.  In my opinion, EnerNOC and Acxiom are dangerous.  Notice the way they spell their company name, NOC is in caps, backwards is CON.  This is accurate.  Acxiom has a cross in their logo. Viacom is equally dangerous - the larger publishing companies are as well.  I remember making note of these oddities in 2005 before I knew any of this.  Corporations have been tightening their hold with mergers, acquisitions, closings, bankruptcies. (purchasing liquidated assets for pennies on dollar).

I began to notice patterns of peculiar corporate behaviour and having information regarding some clients were blocked from analyst access, the information I considered important at least morally.

The more notable the client, the more suspicious behaviour.  During my time at the company I worked for, I came across the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins and my life began to fall apart.  The more I learned, the more my life went to shit.  I began to come across more and more upsetting information, but back into the game I went.

Gradually I was led back into the researching of occult matters after I began to notice the children weren't outside playing, instead, they were being medicated,  they were dressing in next to nothing, and the boys were becoming more violent and detached.  I started looking for patterns in their clothing, music, latest trends and items but had nothing to go on, just patterns.  I came across some info on symbology and was gradually led to project Monarch/Skull and Bones and Cathy O'Brien's book.

The influence was obvious, coming from the television shows, but which ones, why, where, who and how?  Being in business intelligence taught me to dig and keep digging until you get the result, good bad or ugly.

My life became more peculiar as I started having spiritual experiences. Two categorised near death experiences with no trauma induced.  One during meditation, one while asleep.

My fascination with the abilities of the human being let me to the understanding of project monarch and MK ultra tactics for various reasons.  The symbology, families, behaviours (cutting, fainting from exhaustion, rehab, CORPORATE AFFILIATIONS) and previous researchers before me.  Without them, there would certainly be no Esoteric Kitten for sure.  The reports of mental illness within the celebrity community is astounding and as I began to look closer, the control began to emerge.  Consistent with previous researchers, interviews, authors, whistleblower material, presentations etc.

Shhh Symbol

The symbol of 'Shh' or 'Be quiet' is a reference to the silence programming of MK Ultra. The slaves are programmed to never speak of what they know. This is also a reference to keeping quiet about the Illuminati's secrets. When someone takes an oath to sell their soul, they also take an oath of silence.

"Shhh - Silence Programming; what everyone is Shhhh-ing of course is the big worst-kept Hollywood secret_ MK-Ultra Mind Control Program, Disney & Military-Political apparatus; Human Robots as Slaves, Used & Abused as living dolls for masses to worship.
"The black magician Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), the foremost occultist of the early 20th century, adopted the theme of "do what thou wilt" and the doctrine of silence into the structure of a new religion." 

Barabara Bush

Tom Cruise
Miley Cyrus 

Lady Gaga
It's like the famous saying everyone thinks a paedo would say after abusing a child " shh don't you tell anyone or you'll be in trouble" but why are they pushing this subliminally on to our children through A-List celebs?

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