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If The Sun "Newspaper" was a person....

Would they be classed as an internet/media troll?

The Sun newspaper today has called the man who raised 50K for Goncalo Amaral (the policeman who wrote the book about Kate and Gerry McCann being the killers of Maddie) a troll. Why is he a troll for raising money for something the British public feel passionate about? And why is he a troll for questioning the other side of the story?

Let's not forget Goncalo Amaral won the case against the McCann's who were trying to sue him for the book in which he accuses them of killing Maddie so it must have some truth into it. 

If The Sun was a person would they class that person as a troll? Look at the lies and propaganda they have spewed out for years especially that disgrace Kelvin MacKenzie who wrote them lies about Liverpool fans at Hillsborough in The Sun.

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