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Gerry McCann slammed for 'hypocrisy' after speaking out about press intrusion

The father of missing Madeleine McCann has been 
labelled a hypocrite after he appeared on breakfast
 TV to criticise the government for dragging its heels
 over press reforms.

Standard reports:
Gerry McCann, whose daughter Madeleine vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007, was quizzed on BBC breakfast earlier today after he signed his name on a letter to the Prime Minister posing questions about the Leveson inquiry.
The letter, which is also signed by other victims of press intrusion, including Christoper Jefferies, who was wrongly accused of murder, criticises the government for failing to enact promises it made over press reform. 
The open letter, published in the Guardian, read: "We believe that it is not just us whom you are at risk of betraying, but Parliament, the public at large and future victims of a press industry which was condemned by Leveson for 'wreaking havoc in the lives of innocent people'.
"If your promises are not kept, history tells us that newspapers will wreak havoc again."  
Mr McCann told the programme: "The Prime Minister promised us that the victims would remain at the centre of the Leveson reforms and we feel that our views have been pushed aside."
However, Mr McCann was roundly slammed on Twitter for "hypocrisy" by senior media commentators as he and his wife Kate have been accused of courting media coverage in the past.
The McCanns reportedly paid PR agency Bell Pottinger £500,000 to keep the case in the media spotlight.
Interview: Gerry McCann was grilled on breakfast TV (BBC)
Former newspaper editor Neil Wallis tweeted: "Breathtaking hypocrisy by #GerryMcCann to continue to attack Press Freedom yet spends fortune to PR in press abduction of child he caused"
While another twitter user posted: "K&G #McCann paid Bell Pottinger £500,000 to keep them on the front pages + then complained to Leveson about press intrusion."
And Jay Littlemore said: "When one wants a tin of beans one pays (500,000) for a tin of beans. How can one then complain when one gets beans? #Mccann"
The hashtag #McCann was also trending on Twitter, with people cynically criticising him for not mentioning his missing daughter.
One Twitter user wrote: "Not a mention of your missing child #mccann BBC give you a platform and not a mention...shame on you forever"
While another said: "Irony & hypocrisy all in one go. Gerry #McCann doing the rounds on TV & media, whining & moaning. Not one appeal to Maddie"

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