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Cameron caught lying again about his inheritance

David Cameron claimed he sold off his inheritance he got from his father before he became PM in May 2010 the only problem with that is his dad died in October 2010.

Every time Cameron seems to open his mouth all that comes out of it is BS, more BS comes out of his mouth than what comes out of an actual bulls arse. 

Monday he said it was a private matter, Tuesday he admitted his dad did have tax havens, Thursday he said he did inherit money from them havens but sold them off before he became PM in May 2010 which is a lie as his dad didn't die till October 2010 and then on Friday he admitted he also had tax havens.

He has been proven a liar, again and again, it's time Cameron stands down.

There will be a protest today at Downing Street for Cameron to resign starting at 11am.

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