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Why I'm not going to let the Tories stress me out no more

When the Tories won last May I felt like it was the end of the world but then Ed Miliband stepped down and then Corbyn won the Labour leadership, Labour was once again left-wing Labour the way it should be.

It hasn't been an easy ride for Corbyn months before he became leader of Labour he was called a scruffy terrorist sympathiser and even his own MP's turned against him (when I say his own MP's I mean Blairites and right wing Labour MP's) then he won the leadership after months of propaganda and lies with the biggest share of votes a Labour leader has ever had.

The propaganda and lies didn't stop there it carried on for months. Only a few weeks ago Labour was still split with the Blairites calling Corbyn all kinds and threatening to bring Corbyn down and the Tory Toffs were loving it and I was stressed thinking this is the end of Corbyn and left-wing Labour. 

Then George Osborne's budget happened. Need I say anymore? 

One speech from Osborne full of BS and lies then it was Corbyn's time to speak and he ripped the Tories apart it was great watching Cameron, Osborne and Theresa May squirming on the front bench I also noticed Iain Duncan Smith wasn't there, Low and behold he stood down two days later from DWP minister. 

IDS standing down has already got people calling for Osborne to stand down (Including Tory backbenchers) and Cameron is fuming he even phoned IDS with a very frosty conversation (yes more frosty than IDS himself) and the Tories are now in trouble they are basically at war with each other. I love how karma works. 

So I am not going to be stressed out by the Tories anymore because watching them destroy themselves is quite hilarious. 

By BDTN Editor Ste Murray.

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