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BF Jayda has joined Twitter LOL

Britain Morons First’s deputy leader has re-joined Twitter.

Jayda Fransen is no doubt hoping to replicate some of the success her group has had on Facebook, but on a platform where you can’t so easily get away with buying fans or exploiting the memory of murdered soldiers, it’s not quite going to plan.
Jayda Fransen
She began by trying to refute articles about her but failed to give any supporting evidence whatsoever.
Fransen then fell for the misguided furore around the word ‘Easter’ being supposedly dropped from Easter egg packaging. 
It’s not been the best of weeks for Britain First. On Thursday they were caught out trying to exploit an image of school children doing yoga as evidence of Islam spreading in British schools.
A British school. Heartbreaking
Posted by Britain First on Thursday, 24 March 2016

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