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Zionists are turning the blame from them to real Jews, Don't fall for it!

The media have been giving real Jews a bad name in the press lately and that's because the media is run by Zionists, they are shifting the blame from them to the real Jews just like they did in WW2 and people are sadly falling for it.

Can you believe that some people don't even know what Zionism is? Or can you believe that there are people who have heard about Zionism but say it didn't exist it's just a "conspiracy theory"? well, there is sadly and that is because Western media is run by the Zionist elite. 

It's very rare the word Zionist is ever mentioned in the press because they don't want you to know about it. They wanted it to keep a secret just like they wanted the Bilderberg meetings kept secret but with today's social media and the internet nothing can be kept secret anymore but even with the internet people will still blindly follow what the TV media or newspaper tells them because it's a lazy way of getting news. 

Most people these days are too busy working all hours to make a living and they never get time to do their own research on the internet so they blindly take it what the TV is telling them as truth, well the BBC wouldn't lie would it? 

The problem with that is most of our media today in the Western world is ran by Zionists telling us the Zionists side of the story and even if you did have time to do your own research on the internet or even in a Library you'll just be classed as a "conspiracy theorist".

Lately, the media have been blaming real Jews for the stuff that is going on in Gaza and a load of other things to take the blame away from them it's like they are pushing for a new global Anti-Semitic hate agenda like they did in WW2. Yes, the Nazis and Zionists are the same things.

They have the cheek to use the "Anti-Semitic" card or the "Auschwitz" card if you say anything against them, though. It's not Anti-Semitic to be against Zionists as they ain't real Jews they just stole their identity, stole Palestinian land and murdered millions of Palestinians at the same time and they are still doing it.

So let's not fall for it again they are using reverse psychology on you lets not blame the Jews wake up and smell the Zionist BS.

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