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'Stuart Hall assaulted me at It's A Knockout' Former Lady Mayoress of Hull accuses BBC of whitewash

Vanessa Walker has waived her right to anonymity in order to speak out.
She was the Lady Mayoress of Hull in 1981 when the TV presenter sexually assaulted her on a hotel terrace in what was then Yugoslavia.
At the time, she was with a civic party supporting a Hull team competing in an international version of It's A Knockout.
Hull Daily Mail reports: 
She is now furious that evidence she gave to the review about the incident has been left out of the final report, which was published earlier this week.
Mrs Walker, who is now an East Riding councillor and chairman of the mental health charity Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, also claimed the review process was "more like an interrogation" and seemed designed to protect the BBC and Hall, even though he had already pleaded guilty to 14 charges of indecent assaults on girls aged between nine and 17.
"I was encouraged to participate in the review into Hall after the initial BBC review was launched into Jimmy Savile.
"Until then, I had no idea that what happened to me might be part of a wider pattern of behaviour."
She was a 26-year-old nurse at the time of the trip to Yugoslavia and was accompanying her late mother Phyllis, who was the city's Lord Mayor, as guests of the BBC to cheer on the Hull team.
The assault took place after she had been invited to join a BBC production team who were going sunbathing on a terrace at the hotel where they were all staying.
Initially, there were about 15 people in the group but, unexpectedly, the rest of the crew suddenly left, leaving her alone with Hall.
Mrs Walker, who is also a non-executive director at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust, said this week's report failed to include her concerns over the crew given during her interview with the inquiry team.
"It always struck me as strange the way they withdrew from the terrace," she said.
"That thought has stayed with me – a feeling that I was set up by them so he could to try to take advantage.
"I believe there was collusion and that's what I said in my interview, but it has not been included in the evidence relating to me in a report.
"I find that worrying because the review was meant to be examining the issue of whether anyone at the BBC colluded with Hall and, in my case, I believe they did.
"I think the crew were complicit and I think they have whitewashed that to protect the BBC."
Mrs Walker said her interview with the inquiry team, chaired by former High Court judge Dame Linda Dobbs, had been an unexpected ordeal.
"It was more like an interrogation," she said.
"I was asked a lot of very detailed questions by the lawyers, who seemed to be acting like defence barristers for the BBC and Stuart Hall, even though he had already been convicted in court and was in prison."
Hall's assault on her had been inadmissible to a British court because it happened abroad.
Mrs Walker said: "Afterwards, I told my mum and the Lord Mayor's Beedle, who was also on the trip, but that was it.
"I don't think I ever considered going to the police. I don't think I'd have been taken seriously, given Hall's celebrity status."

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