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REAL EVIDENCE:Who are the Men In Black?

The man in black are real but who are they are why are they needed? 

A friend of mine in Salt Lake City, K.S., was visiting a Nordstrom store in the mid 1990's, when she saw three "teenagers" walking by. The strange thing was that two of them were almost 7 feet tall, identical looking, and their faces were entirely void of blemishes! Their arms rached almost to their knees, and the "boy" who accompanied them was gamboling around them in a manner that reminded her of agargoyle.

As they passed her and her grandson [who, like the two tall boys, was blond haired and had the popular short "bowl cut" type hair style, 6 ft. tall] she faintly overheard one of them say, after looking towards her teenaged grandson, "Is he one of us?" At which the other replied in the negative.

This woman was completely flabergasted, however being an abductee - as was her grandson - she was well familiar with other reports of reptilian abductors and "infiltrators".
Another man, J.B., claims to be a nocturnal astral vampire-killer, part of a team of nocturnal astral/dream warriors, a type of astral special forces who have declared war on the fifth density reptilian life-force vampires -- the very same fifth density dracos who have reportedly taken over powerful world leaders, having assimilated their 'hosts' into their own beings which manifest in true reptilian form as some type of "wer-drac" manifestation during their secret "blood-fests". J.B. later confirmed the claims of K.S. when he stated that reptilian infiltrators [or chameleoids - both the 5th density "snatchers" and the 3rd density "shifters"] favored a particular shopping center in Salt Lake City. Some of these fifth density snatchers may actually have gained their third density solidity by fully assimilating/absorbing their "hosts" in similar fashion as the legendary "wer" people, thus becoming third density "shifters". Actually, all three types may exist, the repti-poltergeist parasites or "SNATCHERS"; actual third density and most likely subterraneous reptiloid "SHIFTERS" - using laser holograms, technotic projection, superficial bio-phasing, etc., to accomplish the shifts; and the intermediary entities or "SNATCHER/SHIFTERS"!?

Others suggest that not only in southern Utah near Page, Arizona but also in northern Utah near Dugway [Page and Dugway according to former Dulce base security officer Thomas E. Castello being the two MAJOR underground connections between the DULCE New Mexico base and the GROOM Lake Nevada base], massive societal infiltration of reptilian entities in human guise has occured. These reports are widespread, however these "chameleoids" have been seen more profusely near Dulce New Mexico, Dugway Utah, and Area 51 Nevada. There are also rumors of draconian infiltration of the federal and state government agencies, military facilities, mental health facilities, religious organization, industrial complex, and even high levels of the police forces in the state of Utah by especially the subterraneous counterparts of the "reptilian" species who exist EN MASSE within the underground levels beneath the state, since the connections between the Dulce and Groom bases not only involve artificial tunnel passages, but also an ancient and huge natural cavern network which the "aliens" have reportedly "stolen" from native American sub-colonies in years past in remarkably similar fashion as the early "Shaverian" accounts of subterranean Tero/Dero conflicts... the final takeover of these cavern-colonies or tribes coinciding with the outbreak of the Dulce and Groom Wars which raged from between 1979 to 1985 and resulted in many of "our" joint operational multi-trillion dollar underground facilities being taken over by the Dracos, their "Grey" subordinates, and in some cases insectoid collaborators [more of our tax dollars disappearing "down the tubes" to feed these vamperial parasites]...

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