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Jack Straw to be ‘denied knighthood and peerage’ under Jeremy Corbyn – and rightly so

Jack Straw is thought to have been lined up for a peerage in the final days of Ed Miliband’s time as party leader. That was before he was filmed, apparently offering his services to a private company for money [Image: Andy Hall for the Observer].
This is, of course, absolutely the right decision.
There has been a huge amount of protest about abuse of the awards system by the Conservative Party, and the denial of such recognition to Jack Straw after his implication in a cash-for-access scandal sends out a strong message.
Straw was cleared of misconduct by the toothless Parliamentary standards watchdog, IPSA, but this appears to be because he only offered his services to a private company for cash (on film) rather than actually going through with it.
Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear he stands for a new kind of politics; he made it clear in his first speeches after being made Labour leader – they took place under the banner, “Straight talking – honest politics”.
You can’t have honest politics if your politicians are renting their services out for cash. That, in This Writer’s view, is why straight talking Jeremy Corbyn is distancing himself from Jack Straw.
Let’s hope everyone gets the message.
"Jack Straw, who was a cabinet minister throughout the 13 years of the last Labour government, is to be denied a knighthood and a peerage under the current party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.
Having served as home secretary, foreign secretary and then lord chancellor, Straw is understood to have been lined up for a seat in the Lords during the final days of Ed Miliband’s period as party leader. But he suspended himself from party membership last February after being secretly filmed by undercover reporters while apparently offering his services to a private company for cash. This prevented an offer of a peerage at the time.
Although Straw was subsequently cleared of misconduct by the parliamentary standards watchdog, his chances of a seat in the Lords are said to have disappeared after Corbyn’s election as leader in September.
“The chances of Jeremy awarding him with either a knighthood or a peerage are close to zero,” said one senior party source, before adding: “Actually, they are zero.”

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