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homeless and hungry? YELLOW CARD!

Humberside Police will be operating a "two-strikes-and-you're-out" policy, which will see officers handing out warning cards to beggars in the Avenues, Beverley Road and Spring Bank.

WARNING:  Police officers will hand out warning cards to beggars in the Avenues, Beverley Road and Spring Bank.

Similar to a yellow card handed out to players during a football match, beggars who have been given one already will be promptly arrested if they are caught a second time.
Inspector Craig Mattinson hopes it will rid the area of street drinking and begging, which many people find intimidating.
He said: "Street drinking and begging have continued to be a problem in the area.
"We are now looking at plans where we will issue a card to each person found drinking or begging, which points out different support services that can be accessed.
"It is one chance and one chance only policy.
"If people fail to make use of the services available, they will be arrested."
Several businesses and residents in Princes Avenue and Newland Avenue have complained about the problem of begging in previous weeks, with Sainsbury's Local in Princes Avenue and Bargain Beers in Newland Avenue named as hotspots.
Police say there are about 20 "hardcore beggars" in the Avenues alone, up to six of whom are not homeless.
PC Andy White insists begging for money "will not be tolerated", especially if they have a place to call home.
"These people are choosing to sit there and beg for money when they have a place to live," he said.
"It is not on and will not be tolerated."
Insp Mattinson also confirmed two additional PCSOs will make regular patrols of the area.
He said: "I know the ward councillors have been bombarded with complaints about the issue, so I think this is something we can do to help. Overall, I think it's a positive move for the area."
Councillor Marjorie Brabazon, chair of the Wyke Area Committee, where Insp Mattinson announced the plans, welcomed the new card scheme.
She said: "It's really good to hear that positive steps are being taken to tackle the issue.
"It's a really good idea and I think it will work. I'm sure the public will be grateful for the initiative."
But some councillors, including Mike Ross and Gwen Lunn, have questioned the idea.
Cllr Lunn, of Newland ward, has been trying to tackle begging and drinking in Newland Avenue with her proposal for signs in five languages telling people not to drink.
She said: "It's one thing giving beggars a card, but there has to be more to it than that.
"How can we make sure people are engaging with the services?"
However, Insp Mattinson defended his plans. He said: "We can catch the same people begging five or six times in a week.
"We point out where they can access services, but it is very rare that they make the most of them.
"This way, they know they have to go to facilities like Westbourne House or face being arrested.
"Then we are relying on the courts to issue behaviour orders, which tell people to work with the services available or go to prison."
The proposals are to be implemented immediately.

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